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A pirate receives messages in /tell form when the following events are applicable:

  • (Y) = number of skellies in the fray
  • (X) = number of pirates in the fray
Trigger Message
When a pirate joins the fray "Welcome to the fray! Ye seem a decent fellow. I hate to kill ye!"
When a pirate tries to join the fray, but cannot afford the fee Ye haven't the 100 pieces of eight we be seekin'! Come back when ye've the gold, kiddo.
When there is just one pirate in the fray One little pirate in the fray... ha ha ha!
When there are between two and (Y) pirates in the fray Ye think we're scared by (X) puny challengers? Not when there are (Y) of us.
Ha-ha! Only (X) challengers against the (Y) of us?.. maybe ye brought some luck too?
(X) humans, (Y) skellies... ha ha ha!
(Y) skellies can beat (X) humans any day!
When there are greater than (Y) pirates in the fray Avast! We wont let ye humans outnumber us, so we'll pick (Y) of ye land lubbers to fight!
When a pirate tries to join a fray he or she is already part of Matey, ye've already joined the fray!
When a pirate leaves the fray Running away, eh? Here's yer wager back.
Every five minutes, if there are more than five skellies and if a fight has not begun during that time Bah! We tire of just standing about. Maybe ye'll be willing to fight now that there are just (Y) of us to yer (X)?
When a pirate clicks "Vote to start the fight" Arr, ye're ready to fight are ye? Ok. We won't start until at least half of ye are ready.
When a pirate is not chosen to participate in the fight Sorry mate, we won't fight more humans than skellies. Maybe ye can be in the next fight. Here's yer wager back.
When a pirate clicks "Vote to start the fight" immediately after a previous fight has ended Arr, take a moment to collect yourselves after such a sound defeat! After that, let us know yer ready.
On being awarded a skull Since ye bested us and survived to the end of the fight, ye win my head!
On being awarded a skeleton bone bludgeon What do ye expect to accomplish by stealing my femur?
When a skellie group is defeated, one skellie makes a remark. Only pirates who can hear their /speak channel (i.e. pirates who are in a chat circle with skellies) will receive this message. Arrrr! Ye haven't seen the last of the Skeleton Crew!
Avast! We've been beaten by a rag tag band of fleshy land lubbers. Mother will be furious...
Shiver me timbers and shake me bones! These lubbers have ousted us from our thrones.
When a pirate votes to begin the fray after he or she has already been pulled into the fight Arr, ye fight be already underway!
#1. UEFA Champions League [1], Cubelets [2], The Black Pearl Crew [3], ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE [4]
#3 - Virtute et Armis - [5], Neptuns Raecher [6]
#4 Chimera [7]
#5 Silver Storm [8], Gods of Jack [9]
#6 Indestructible [10]
#7 Ace o' Spades [11], We like Rainbows [12]
#10 Arrogance [13]
#17 Poseidon's Tricorne [14]
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