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One of my Viridian portraits.

Ahoy! I'm Angelbeaver (on all Oceans but mainly Viridian).

I mainly enjoy lower-end pillages and (non-recruitment) greenie pillages but also dabble in stall keeping and trade.

I also enjoy spamming officer chat and repeatedly checking my IM stall every 10 seconds to see if any cannon balls have been sold.

Links to my Sub Pages

To-Do List

  • Complete Viridian shoppe pages.

Puzzle Pirate Code

A++++ L SK+ D-- DT+ C++ P+++ Cp Bl Sa++ Gu+ N++ Sw++ D- Al SF+ Dr TD++ Sp SpN- Ht Bn++ X+:+:+ B+ Sh+ Pt $+ Cl F+++ GD+ FA! Wki+++ Bx+