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Tentative proposal for featured article.

Featured article: Maneuvers


Since the introduction of blockades in 2004, pirates across the oceans have asked for something to make things more interesting for the duty puzzlers toiling away during the blockade. The developers created maneuvers and implemented them with release 2007-01-25. Maneuvers are special tokens used in blockades, they are earned by the duty puzzlers aboard the ship. They are used in place of ordinary tokens by the navigator, but unlike ordinary tokens, only one of each can be stored at a time.

Each maneuver has two levels, silver and gold. Gold level can only be achieved after silver has been, and replaces the silver token. Gold tokens are an upgraded version of their silver counterparts, for example the silver chain shot does damage and removes movement tokens from an enemy ship. After being upgraded to gold, the shot does extra damage as well as removing tokens. Upgrading to gold requires the same effort as earning a silver token from scratch.

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