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Post of the Day Awards

Award 1: Spoppy, for her ingenious twist on "This Little Piggy"
Award 2: Scupperer's rambutan information.
Award 3: Scupperer's Kirin Image
Award 4: jasmines' threat to Three Rings
Award 5: Emerson's and Crotty's witticism about being married to a cannonball
Award 6: Stevedave, pointing out that we're all human.
Award 7: Empereux's birthday message
Award 8: Ohogan's "Cleaver" portrait
Award 9: Jacksparrow's "emotional needs" joke.
Award 10: Markozeta's suggestion for the portrait exploit
Award 11: Won by both Rummykins and Shh.
Award 13: Grimes, for being so wonderfully blunt
Award 12 was given on my own flag forums.
Award 14 was made but never uploaded.
Award 15: TheRack, cooking up a storm (Harr!) in the forums. With garnish.
Award 16: Hypnos, telling us that thousands of people don't joke every day.
Award 17: Dylan's wonderfully descriptive account of the quality of his broadband.
Award 18: d4rk0n3 suggests OOO's next project.
Award 19: Darvid, trying to give a damn.
Award 20: Featherfin, pointing out who the real cross-ocean movers were.
Award 21: Attesmythe, bringing the art of ventriloquism back into the forum.
Award 22: Peanutswench, simulating a conversation.
Award 23: Dorien, who wants to get more money from poker.

Award 12 was given on my own flag forums.

Peglegpaul was also promised an award, but never got one.

A special award was awarded to Robertdonald for his work towards recreating the drinking game on Game Gardens.