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Howdee hi. I am the pirate known as Igniknot. I operate mainly on Sage, but I am Igniknot on every other ocean as well. I started playing the game at the behest of Zava, whom I live with in real life. I enjoy docktarting, shopkeeping, LOL'ing at Tilinka for fun and profit, and generally being a pain in the booty.

Current affiliations:

Sage: Fleet officer in On the Rocks, King of Armed Cocktail Party, I have a well known alt Stabby of Sage Ocean Lines. Both of us put into port on Admiral Island.

I currently own Cannonball Run, an Iron monger shoppe, and manage the Hullboy Shipyard on Admiral Island.

Other Contritbutions:

I like ship refitting. I currently own two completely refit and custom renamed ships. The War Brig "Groovy Disco Train" and the Grand Frigate "Boston Sea Party" on the Sage Ocean. I am currently designing a business model for renting these ships on Sage as a replacement for magicked party/wedding vessels along the lines of the Lovestruck Leviathan.

Me and my partners in crime have recently written a new war convention. See ACP Convention.

Wiki Interests

My pet peeve is rumors and myth spreading. As such, I work on keeping the skellies and Rumors pages up to date to keep people from misleading others. It's a calling.

Let me state equivocally right now, I have zero aspirations for power or adminship on the wiki. I make edits as a hobby mostly, when I see something that needs to be done, or I add stuff that is related to me somehow. I also try to add information about subjects I know about, such as the SY entry for Dude, Where's My Frig. I don't need power or adminship to do what I do. I seriously doubt this will ever change.

I do enjoy the wiki quite a bit. It's quite well done, and quite well handled by the people currently in control of its direction.

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