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Unknownname (Cobalt)

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Unknownname (Cobalt)

Unknownname is a pirate on the Cobalt Ocean, who landed ashore in 2005. There have been three Unknownnames, due to purging on inactivity, but the third one is here to stay! He was captain and founder of the crew Hounds of Cobalt, and king of the flag Cobalt Coalition. He is now captain and founder of DopoGuerra!


Unknownname started out as greenie, like everyone else. His favorite piratey pastime was to play hide-n-seek on the Jade Archipelago islands, particularly Sakejima Island. His first not-shack was a bungalow on Sakejima Island, and he loved it. But before long he upgraded to a cottage on Kirin Island, and Kirin eventually became his home. Now a townhouse owner, Unknownname seeks to have a manor. Always looking up!

His first crew was Rigid Pride, back in 2005. He enjoyed his time there, but eventually left. He moved through several crews after that, but settled into Yarr Talk in 2009, and quickly rose to officer. Again moving along, he joined the Cobalt Empire, and quickly advanced to become second-in-command. However, after the Cobalt Empire Mutiny (see:Cobalt Empire), the schism caused utter chaos in the flag and it very quickly disintegrated under its own hatred of its aristocracy. Unknownname and Ahoi then placed a bet - who could form their own flag first? Founding the Hounds of Cobalt he raced against Ahoi's crew to form a flag. Yes, he lost the bet, but the Cobalt Coalition still stands, as opposed to Ahoi's!

Eventually the polotix - of which Unknownname is known to hate; in the words of Buri 'Good thing we have a judge who stands up for what's right: won't accept bribes, refuses to be unjust, and despises nepotism.' - grew too much and Unknownname left for a brief stay in Nerve before creating a new crew, DopoGuerra (After War).

He has had an incredible history over four years of play.

His goal is to own Kirin Island... and if not, Sakejima. And if not even that, at least Diastrophe.



  • Reach ultimate in three different puzzles.
  • Own and govern an island.
  • Obtain two OM dolls.
  • Meet every in-game OM (Has met Apollo, Nemesis twice, Hephaestus, Oceanus twice, Gaea, Lelantos... several more to go!)
  • Have over 1,000,000 poe.
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