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Timostamboli is the captain and drunk of the crew Seven Deadly Sins-West and member of the flag Say No More on the Emerald Ocean. He started on playing YPP on July 2006 on the Sage Ocean.


Timostamboli started out as a humble jobbing pirate with many crews, until he came across The Crazy Coconuteers and quickly rose the ranks to become a senior officer of the crew. After a while the original captain, Yohococo moved on to Seven Deadly Sins, led by Darknessdiva at the time, and left the helm of the crew in the hands of Timostamboli. With the crew under Timostamboli's lead, the Crazy Coconuteers merged into the Seven Deadly Sins.


Timostamboli's role now to train the quick learning, fast rising officers within the crew Seven Deadly Sins. He trains them in the art of Battle Navigation and on the importance of good comunication with jobbers and fellow crew mates. Timostamboli also teaches all pirates of all ranks in all pirate skills, including teamwork and kindness to your fellow pirate.

Special ships

Sloop dock.png
Renamed Sloops
  • Yorkshire Rose
  • Trick or Treat
War brig dock.png
Renamed War brig
  • Lady GaGa