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Darknessdiva is a pirate on the Emerald Ocean. She is captain and trader of the crew Seven Deadly Sins-West.

Contributions and Accomplishments


When Darknessdive first entered Sage Ocean, she joined the crew Merchants of Death in the flag nExUs, where she got taught by Strathern and gained the rank of senior officer.

Later Darknessdiva left Merchants of Death with 3 other senior officers and formed the crew Storming Seadogs.

Darknessdiva then left Storming Seadogs and started up the crew Seven Deadly Sins with a few members from The Crazy Coconuteers. Half a year later she decided to take a break from Puzzle Pirates and left the crew in the hands of Yohococo.

When she returned, Darknessdiva started by joining Seven Deadly Sins as a senior officer. Shortly after she created the crew Eternal Revenge, which was a bad experience. She then created the crew Sinners Of Sage which was also a bad experience. She left this crew in the hands of Latexa and joined Eternally Cavalier.

She then retired for almost 5 years and returned in 2016. Took over the crew Seven Deadly Sins-West from Timostamboli and started rebuilding it with other old members from the original 7 sinners.

Darknessdiva is kind of an outcast; only a few pirates know her well. Some pirates say that she is scary. And others say she's "A Pain In The ***". But the ones who know her, got a different story.