The Princess Brig

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The Princess Brig
Left-facing Shipyard (upgraded) on
Admiral Island (Gull Archipelago)
Emerald Ocean
Owner Malliik
Manager(s) Rands, Raph, Prudance
Erected April 2006
Building-Emerald-The Princess Brig.png

The Princess Brig is a shipyard located on Admiral Island. It was built in April of 2006, by Jackspeed. The name was suggested by Sante, and is a reference to the movie "The Princess Bride".

The Princess Brig has a very curious and strange history of ownership. It was built and operated by Jackspeed until he retired from the game following Admiral II. Before he quit, Jack gave the shipyard to his younger brother Crusade. Crusade then wagered the shipyard deed against Iceman for an orange octopus familiar, and lost. Iceman sold the shipyard to Foil who then played a wagered swordfight: the shipyard against the sale price. Foil won the money he spent for the shipyard back from Iceman. Iceman then wagered his new orange octopus against Foil's Inn and 2 million pieces of eight and lost again, leaving Foil with a free shipyard and a new familiar. Ownership has since been passed on to Foiley.

The Princess Brig was dusted in December of 2011. It was then remade under the governance of Reeves in January of 2012 and later sold to Malliik.

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