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The Eternal Hydrae

From YPPedia

The Eternal Hydrae at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Last Captain Manuella
Senior Officer(s) Alyhs-East, Bamfarooni, Rabbitgirl, Tottsmom, Tottspop
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation EAC
Founded 11 September, 2006
Virtually dormant as of 29 November, 2016
Favicon.png Crew Info
Crews-The Eternal Hydrae.jpg

The Eternal Hydrae is a virtually dormant crew that sails the Emerald Ocean. The crew currently flies the flag of EAC.



The Eternal Hydrae was originally founded under the name Drake van die Ossean by Draak on 11 September, 2006 on the former Hunter Ocean.

Alyhs was apointed captain of the crew on 12 November, 2006, when Draak was unable to continue his active role in the crew.

Eventually the crew started gaining momentum and pirates and joined the flag of Dawn Treader Voyagers around 20 December, 2006.

The crew was renamed from Drake van die Oseaan to The Eternal Hydrae on 14 January, 2007.

The crew left the flag Dawn Treader Voyagers on 7 September 2007 and formed their own flag on 11 September 2007. The new flag was named Echidna's Children.

In May 2008, Alyhs takes temporary personal leave of the game, giving Tottspop captaincy during her absence. She retook the reigns at the end of June, once again whole, hearty and healthy!


  1. Draak (September 11, 2006 - November 12, 2006)
  2. Alyhs (November 12, 2006 - May 24, 2008)
  3. Tottspop (May 24, 2008 - June 29, 2008)
  4. Alyhs (June 29, 2008 - ?)
  5. Manuella (? - present)

Public statement

Fighting us is like fighting a many-headed monster, which, each time a neck is severed, sprouts a head even fiercer and cleverer than before. You are fighting that which is unfixed, mutating, indestructible. You are fighting the Eternal Hydrae!!!!

Opening Public Statement Plagerized from JK Rowling, HP #6

Crew articles

  1. Perform tasks as commanded and to the best of your ability.
  2. Always be polite and helpful to your crew mates and others. BAD LANGUAGE will not be tolerated. All conversation should be G-rated before 9 p.m. (game time) and no more than PG-13 rated after that (until 7 a.m. game time)
  3. PLEASE do NOT ask to GUN!!! The XO will look at yer stats and determine if ye are needed. There may already be a gunner chosen or we may be testing a gunner...
  4. Deserting in battle (when there is a grid in the top right screen) is cause for reprimand. Repeated offences could cost you rank or expulsion.
  5. Please ask for PTB (Permission to Board) before jumping on a ship smaller than a War Brig before just jumping on. This is essential as often times an officer may be moving supplies or trying to memorize a path.

If any of these rules are a problem, we ask ye to consider carefully whether we are the crew for ye. We reserve the right to plank and/or expel anyone who doesn't abide by these rules.

Promotion requirements

  • Cabin Person: Just ask to join our wonderful crew after any pilly!!!
  • Pirate: For this rank you need at least BROAD in Carp, Bilge and Sail. Narrow in Gunning ,Apprentice or above in rumble and sword fighting are a bonus. You must Refer to a FLEET Officer and have them CHECK your stats for promotion.
    • (Please do not assume this means you will gun on a ship it is the ship captain's choice WHO is allowed to gun.The Navy is a great place to up your skill level so that you are chosen.
  • Officer: For this rank you need the trust of an SO or FO plus these *requirements.
    • I Reserve the right to promote without the following stats.
    • If ye own a ship AND have at least BROAD / Distinguished Bnav and respectable stats ye MAY be eligible for automatic officer, please see me or any other officer.

Officer training

Offered by Barney and Captexavier

  • Ye must have 3 broads and 1 solid in the main duty puzzles (Sails,Gun,Carp and Bilge)
  • All main duty puzzles must be at Respected or above
  • Broad Distinguished in Dnav and Bnav
  • Ye must express interest to a senior officer.
  • Must have 8 Dubs for officer badge
  • Must be willing to run 1 pillage a week minimum
  • Be friendly and know how to resolve petty squabbles that may arise in a pillage
  • Know the rules of a pilly restock, where to leave ship, sell commodities and Booty Divvy.

Fleet and senior officer

Fleet Officer -

  • Three solids and broad in the other duty puzzles, treasure hunting is excluded.
  • Additionally you need Master or above at nav, bnav, and/or gunning, again two or more will count in your favour.
  • You must also have the trust of the captain and the other FO's and SO's.

Senior Officer - This rank is hand picked by the Captain and other Senior Officer, must have respectable Stats be trustworthy and above all Loyal

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