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Talk:Avatar artists directory

From YPPedia


Right page name?

First, should this page be in the Art: namespace? Second, the plural before the directory throws me off every time - shouldn't it be "Avatar artist directory" or "Avatar artists?" --AtteSmythe 08:03, 11 October 2006 (PDT)

Second - Is it "Physician directory" or "Physicians directory"? I think a case coudl be made for every form of the title. First - the Art: namespace shoudl be used for crative works (like Gunwhale) or archives of creative works (A Slice of Pirate Life). Articles describing art in the game {art, avatar, and this one) belong in the main namespace, in my opinion.--Fiddler 09:42, 11 October 2006 (PDT)
I'll continue dropping redirects every time I can't find it, then. ;) --AtteSmythe 09:49, 11 October 2006 (PDT)

Updating page

I'd like to take a crack at updating the directory. While it's nice to see work from older artists and possibly find an artist you'd like to patronize it is getting a bit crowded. I'd like to a)change the template to enforce use of the Avatar-forumname- prefix, b)change the template to include a "last updated" date so that older information can be readily identified, and c)create a subpage (Avatar artists directory/outdated information) to place older artists so that fresh and active artists can be found quickly. --Fiddler 22:15, 2 August 2008 (UTC)

Truly a worthy goal. Totally support those changes & whatnot. --Guppymomma 17:35, 11 August 2008 (UTC)

Removing outdated entry

Hi hi! I removed an artist because they say in their thread that they are no longer taking commissions, and the listing was out of date. Am I meant to stick the entry in some archive somewhere? Or just delete it? It was:


This listing is out of date. Please see the instructions at Template talk:Avatar artist for how to update this listing.

Prices: 10k, subject to change.
Payments taken on: Any ocean, Sage preferred.
Avatars by Ddraigeneth forum post | More avatars by this artist Last updated: October 2008

Adrielle =) 07:11, 25 July 2009 (UTC)

Image upload help

Hi! I am having trouble uploading avatar examples by the artist luki2000 for this page. I get the error that the file is corrupt. Has anyone got any advice? They seem to save to my PC fine, but won't upload to Yppedia. Adrielle =) 09:13, 6 August 2009 (UTC)

Check you've got the right file extension - if you try to upload (say) a .jpg to a location called whatever.png then it will report a corrupt file. --Belthazar451 09:21, 6 August 2009 (UTC)
Yes =D I found the problem. He has saved them as .bmp, and my computer is reading them as .png for some odd reason... Thanx! Adrielle =) 09:22, 6 August 2009 (UTC)
You can't upload .bmp files (and for good reason). You'll have to convert them to .png. It may be that they are .png files with a .bmp extension - photobucket tends to do that. --Belthazar451 09:24, 6 August 2009 (UTC)

Outdated Entries

Hi! Just wondering - how outdated does an entry have to be before it is listed as outdated? At the moment it is a year - should it be less? Adrielle ♥ =) 03:45, 20 October 2009 (UTC)

Shop name/thread name =D

Just wondering, could we include the avatar artist's thread name/shop name somewhere in the Avatar artist template? Most artists use names that are very different to their forum name is all =) --Adrielle ♥ =) 08:06, 22 July 2010 (UTC)

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