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Template talk:Avatar artist

From YPPedia

Copy the text below and paste it alphabetically by your forum username in the avatar artists directory. Fill in your info between the = and |. The sample avatar images you use should be uploaded to the wiki, for information on how to do this properly see the instructions in the avatar article.

{{Avatar artist |
Forumusername= |
Sampleavatar1= |
Sampleavatar2= |
Sampleavatar3= |
Prices= |
Paymentoceans= |
Forumpost= |
Updateyear= |
Updatemonth= |

Here's an example of a filled out template & what it will look like:

{{Avatar artist |
Forumusername= Fiddler | <---Make sure you capitalize your username exactly as it appears in the forums
Sampleavatar1= Guppymomma.png | <---You only need to put the part of the filename that appears after your username. The full name for this image is Avatar-Fiddler-Guppymomma.png
Sampleavatar2= Amethyst2.png |
Sampleavatar3= Amphitrite2.png |
Prices= Various depending on style, blah blah |
Paymentoceans= All oceans, see post |
Forumpost= http://forums.puzzlepirates.com/community/mvnforum/viewthread?p=507319 |
Updateyear= 2006 |
Updatemonth= February |


This listing is out of date. Please see the instructions at Template talk:Avatar artist for how to update this listing.

Prices: Various depending on style, blah blah
Payments taken on: All oceans, see post
Avatars by Fiddler forum post | More avatars by this artist Last updated: February 2006

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