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Stormmutant is captain of the crew Loyalty Haven on the Midnight Ocean. She is monarch of the flag BIG WIGS.


Stormmutant's General Info

Contributions and Awards / Contributions and Accomplishments

  • May 2008 - Stormmutant attended the Dallas meeting and played spades with Lizthegrey. Storm learned to play spades in college and has loved the game ever since. Storm played 3 games of spades and won all three games. She met, Johnjuan, the monarch of Seraph's Nightmare and found that he is really nice. She also met Stumanchu and found out that he can sing well and is nice as well. She met many talented and wonderful pirates. Three artists were at the Dallas meeting and their drawings were awesome. Stormmutant has been drawing since she was a child, and now gets paid well to draw as a web designer. Dracon is very talented and I am sure she will be successful in her career. Stormmutant loves to sing and sang the song "YMCA" at the top of her lungs. Might have to google that ye youngsters.
  • December 15, 2007 - Stormmutant threw a Christmas/Holiday Party at her manor for the Midnight pirates and gave away new prizes; including ships, swords, bludgeons, clothes and furniture. Christmas/Holiday Party
  • December 2007 - Stormmutant won honorable mention for singing in the Doodle Bells contest.
  • December 2007 - Stormmutant won Mistletoe, a white dog, in a drawing contest.
  • October 20, 2007 - BIG WIGS won the Treasure Haul Blockade Bonus Round Event on Alpha Island.

Treasure Haul Blockade Bonus Round

  • August 4, 2007 - BIG WIGS won the Bumper Boats Event on Alpha Island.

Bumper Boats

Results posted: Points Flag Award (points/total = %*1M = ?K)

  1. 2 27 BIG WIGS (27/326= 8%*1M = 80k)


Stormmutant has been playing Puzzle Pirates since July of 2005. She started playing Puzzle Pirates to play spades. Then she joined Running Free and Jip was her first captain. Her first flag was Silver Dawn. Jip was an awesome captain and trained her. She had worked up to Senior Officer in Running Free. On October 13, 2005 she decided to form her own crew, Loyalty Haven, after four months of playing the game. She loved to bnav, and she learned how to train officers from one of the best. But she still had a lot to learn. So she went to the school of hard rocks, edges and whirlpools.

Over time, she built up a crew of over 130 pirates and rose to number three in crew fame and 7 in flag fame. Her first flag that she was monarch of was Sword of Honor. She also trained many, many officers that are now, fleet officers, senior officers, captains and monarchs on Midnight and some have moved to other oceans.

She is a big believer in training officers well and showing them how to pilly for success so they can make maximum PoE. She decided to share this information on the YPPedia:

Officer Training Script

She opened her first stall on Alpha Island, Stormmutant's Furnishing Stall. She loves decorating, and the variety of furniture on the game, and filled her manor with it. She also likes to make mazes out of the furniture and some pirates have copied her. Crew maze races are very fun and caused many giggles.

Another thing her crew enjoyed was hide and seek on the islands. The reward was 500 or 1000 PoE. The crew would pick an island on Midnight and they would hide, usually under trees, where their name could not be seen. The seeker would have to click on the trees until they found them and click trade to prove that they found the hider. Then they would win the 500 or 1000 PoE. Then the crew would choose another island. This was a great way to see the islands and the awesome work the artists at OOO did creating this game. Plus it was great fun for the crew.

When the snow appeared the crew had snow fights and built snow forts. Those snowballs grew to be the size of Grand frigs and other giant objects. The crew was really wonderful and had great imaginations.

Those were the glory days of the crew and the flag.

She later disbanded that flag and she and her crew joined The Pack. She was one of the royals as a princess. The plan was that together we would take an island. She helped update the forum for The Pack, and kept it up to date. She and her crew helped with all their shops and stalls as well.

She later left The Pack. She had a meeting with the majority of her senior officers, and after a vote, decided to form the flag BIG WIGS. The senior officers wanted her to be monarch again. So she is queen once again.

The first thing her crew did was start opening stalls. Since BIG WIGS did not govern an island, Stormmutant picked one of the islands that the flag Vilya governed. The Dread Ringers really run Alpha Island, that is the ocean masters (OMs). The reason that Stormmutant picked Alpha is that this island would not be blockaded by the Brigand Kings (BKs) and Brigand Queens (BQs). The taxes would not go up for the stall owners. This was at a time when BKs and BQs owned islands on Midnight.

Although her flag is called BIG WIGS, Stormmutant tossed out her wig and put on her viking clothes.

Even though Stormmutant started playing this game in July of 2005 she has never received and injury. When she asked an Ocean Master about this, he replied, "Just think of it this way - you are invincible."

Stormmutant's Trinkets

  • Stormmutant is not fond of skellies and zombies do not give her a hand, but she likes all these other trinkets:

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Stormmutant's Pets

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