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Lizthegrey began playing Puzzle Pirates on July 22, 2004. She was appointed as a volunteer moderator for the Technical Issues forum in October, 2004. She later worked as an intern Ringer from March, 2005 until January 2008.

Lizthegrey as a young pirate

Lizthegrey belonged to several crews during her early history on Midnight - she began in Komodo Dragons, then later joined Sultry Sirens followed by The Last Stand. She did little of public note politically during her early career, but acted in a capacity of training new players and officers alike for her crews.

Lizthegrey's notable player achievements

Lizthegrey first became known for her advocacy of treating greenies well. She originated the yellow boot award with community nominations for exceptionally honest, kind behavior. She first gained mass notoriety by avidly PvPing members of the game and crews she felt were mistreating new members with practices such as dockpressing and deceitful booty shares. Her methodology offended many players and created quite a stink in the Parley forum until she stopped.

Lizthegrey became well-known as a blockade navigator in the months of October, 2004 through December, 2004, a period in which she belonged to Scallywag Syndicate and Notorious Fandango. She won a sinking war brig duel against Buri in the first set of blockades on Cobalt by a fraction of a shot, one of the most public displays of her solo blockade navigation.

She began to retire from player politics beginning in January, 2005, resigned her flag memberships, and stayed exclusively in her one-woman crew So long of the flag Thanks for all the fish, a reference to the dolphins in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Not coincidentally, her forum avatar is a dolphin. She officially joined Dread Ringers on April 11, 2005.

Lizthegrey as a developer

Lizthegrey's developer work encompassed reading bug reports, fixing bugs, helping players with technical issues, assisting the Ocean Masters by providing support tools, and many other behind-the-scenes tasks. She is a backend programmer, and as such, she is not the original author of any of the puzzles in Puzzle Pirates. Liz also devised and implemented some anti-cheating mechanisms to fight abuse of the top standing and experience lists.

As of June 1, 2006, she has logged in over 5,000 times, and has spent more than 3,000 hours ingame.

As of January 2008, she retired as a developer.

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