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Staycr, or Stayc, as she is more commonly known, is currently captain of the crew Die By The Sword and queen of the flag Post Mortem.


Shoppes owned


Staycr is a friend of Atxochoa Kakash, Xxkuraxx, Gmmstr, Kezaz, Blacksister, Picasso, and Blitey. Staycr is very rich due to the fact that she is on YPP about 10 hours every day of the week. She leads successful pillages all day long, and can be seen b-navving her own Sea Monster Hunts.

She was formerly a senior officer and monster hunter of the crew Plank-Splash-ARGGHH on the Meridian Ocean. At that time, she was also a princess of the flag Shoot-Sink-Swim.