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Sourlime is the former captain of the crew Play Things and king of the flag Twisted on the Cobalt Ocean.


Sourlime first washed ashore in the Autumn of 2005 under the guise of Walkman. He began his career in the crew Diva's Castle On the Seas (later known as Hypnotic Haze), of the flag Hypnotic, under the leadership of Daddysdiva and Choosen. Following an unknown chain of events, the crew and flag both disappeared and were reborn under Exotic Delights. Staying with the fruity theme of the crew, Walkman was let go and replaced with the well loved Sourlime.

Fed up with how things were being run, Sourlime and Honeydewkiss left Exotic Delights to form their own crew. In August of 2006, Play Things was born. Shortly after joining the flag Twisted, Sourlime served as royalty until he eventually ascended the throne after Twelfth retired.

One of his biggest accomplishments during his reign was the dusting of the shipyard L'eau and Behold on Olive Island to make way for the much needed distillery bazaar. In an cohesive effort with Dcyborg and Crazynancy, Sourlime moved his shoppe to Terra Island (renamed "New Ships on the Block") to help shape Olive Island into a more functional island.

Sourlime is well known for his keen sense of battle navigation (as noted by his trophies and stats) and is often sought after for driving in blockades and pillages, if one can catch him.

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