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Snot's Scoundrels

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Snot's Scoundrels at a Glance
Viridian Ocean
Last Captain Barbstella
Senior Officer(s) Barbstell, Bonniehannah, Bubble, Elfmagik, Fishingmeg, Jopie, Puriti, Snotbeard, Wasbeer
Politics Oligarchic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Stella Maris
Founded 14 June, 2006
Disbanded as of 16 December, 2016
Favicon.png Crew Info

Snot's Scoundrels was a crew, flying the flag of Stella Maris on the former Viridian Ocean. This crew has been disbanded.



Snot's Scoundrels was founded June 14, 2006.

Captaincy history

  1. Snotbeard (? - & ~Jan 27, 2010)
  2. Barbstella (~Jan 27, 2010 - disbandment)

Public statement

Please don't ask us to join your Flag. But if you wish to join ours, or Ally with us contact Snotbeard, Mergers into our crew will be considered.

Extended public statement

Welcome to the Scoundrels. We are not hiring SO's, that is a rank of Trust. We do want new Pirates and Officers and FO's , people who will make a difference and become valued and Trusted members of the crew. ~~~~~ To join us just ask any current FO or SO and they will be glad to do the honours and invite you to join. Work hard at earning yer PoE and the Trust of the Officers and you will soon win Promotion. ~~~~~~ Rules are simple, don't Laze, Obey the Officers, have fun and fight Hard. Don't leave during Battle as a -1 often Offends. Check who is OiC and do as they ask. Team well in Battles both Swordfights and Rumble. ~~

If you are unsure of how to do any Duties or team-up in Battle ask an Officer, we are here to help. Please just ask, it makes things better if you do know. ~~~ Good Luck in yer Pirate Career. May the force be with us and we live long to be prosperous !! LOL

Crew articles

These are the rules. This is your only warning so I suggest you follow them -- in some cases demotions will occur if you don't!

  1. Lazers -- Do not slack about sunbathing, yacking, trading or playing tournies while others work the stations -- it's not appreciated by the crew!
  2. Spammers -- Save your breathe till the end - you'll get better results and less splinters!
  3. Beggars -- Sorry mate, we're not a bank. Do your work at the stations and you'll be rewarded. And listen to the OIC during SF and Rumbles!
  4. Shouting -- Unless you have been named XO on the ship -- do not shout!
  5. Promotions -- Please give us a little time to look you over before we decide what to rank you.

The prize for these rules being broken are a one way ticket to the black hole and expulsion from the crew PERMANENTLY!!!

  1. Disrespecting anyone -- will get you thrown on the plank from the crows nest BACKWARDS hitting your head on the plank first!
  2. Stealing -- No further discussions needed!
  3. Leaving during battle -- no further discussions needed!
  4. Making a pilly and leaving the ship at sea or taking it to an uninhabited island were there is no way to restock the ship and leaving it! (Leave a message and be back to pay the next day for it)
  5. Questioning your rank and complaining that you are better than others -- see disrespecting others!

If you do any of these 5 things and manage to make it back in the crew you will be RETRAINED by the Training officer Snotbarb and meet her approval before your rank is returned!

Promotion requirements

The following ranks will be approved by the Captain and 2 high ranking Officers: Fleet Officer or Senior Officer. Do not rush to get ranks or to accept them, take them only if you feel ready for them.

These promotion requirements include when crews merge.

  • Pirate: Automatically when you join.
  • Fleet officer: Have been with the crew for 2 weeks minimum, have Office Badge, be trusted by the crew, the SO's and the captain. Have most Piracy experience at Solid, Respected in Battle Navigation and pass the Fleet Officer Test and have a ship.
  • Senior officer: As all the other positions require experience so does this one but in a different way: experience in the Game, experience with the crew and interaction/involvement with the crew. The Senior Officer positions will only be given at our discretion. Please do not ask to be SO, as this will bar you from it.

Exceptions might be made from time to time for the Officer and Fleet Officer positions, but that will be entirely at our discretion, please do not ask or question those decisions, as our decision is final.

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