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Snotbeard is Senior Officer of the crew 'Snot's Scoundrels', under the flag 'Stella Maris' of which he is also King. He is also the only (known) pirate in existence to have wood-worm in his peg leg and is believed (so he says) to be experimenting on the atomic cannon ball for use in blockades and Atlantis and Cursed Isles trips.


Snotbeard (AKA Snot, Cappy-Tan, Oh Gooey Green One) has been playing pirates for over four years and is the founder and Captain of the crew 'Snot's Scoundrels' (though he is currently of the rank Senior Officer under temporary Captain Barbstella (his in-game wife)). Snot is also the King and a founder of the flag 'Stella Maris' which was named by fellow Soundrel; Princess Bonniehannah, Senior Officer and First Mate.

Before founding the Scoundrels, Snotbeard was a loyal member of the Aqua Angels, where he learnt to be the Captain and pirate he is today. It was at this time that he also began his stall empire, starting with a Shipyard on Kirin. This stall would later be held responsible for the many ships the Scoundrels now have to dust on an annual basis.

From here (after a short absence) Snot returned to form the Scoundrels with Bonnie and thus a legend began. The stall empire grew after the fall of the shipyard to consist of an Ironmonger's, Apothecary, Weavery, Distillery and Tailor's, although the Tailor's was closed due to it's lack of financial convenience and the Apothecary was lost in March 09 - by accident.

Once Snot's Scoundrels was established, the crew began to attract notice and soon joined the flag 'La Poste De Falcone' - where Snot was titled with Lord before being made a Prince. However, though this happy period lasted for quite sometime, the crew grew larger and thus left to form a new flag - Stella Maris. A new legend began.

Snotbeard is well known for his humour, fairness, dusty ships, stalls, numerous injuries (an eye-patch and a supposedly wood-worm infested peg leg) and his zoo that he shares the ownership and mucking out duties of with Barbstella.

Contributions and Achievements

(In no particular order because they were obtained so long ago)

  • First Order of the Jolly Roger
  • Second Order of the Jolly Roger
  • Third Order of the Jolly Roger
  • Fourth Order of the Jolly Roger
  • Incredible Bilger
  • Incredible Blacksmith
  • Incredible Carpenter
  • Incredible Forager
  • Incredible Gunner
  • Incredible Sailor
  • Incredible Treasure Hauler
  • Sublime Sailor
  • Peg leg
  • Eye patch
  • Captain and Founder of 'Snot's Scoundrels'
  • King and Co-Founder of 'Stella Maris'
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