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Bonniehannah is a senior officer and first mate of the crew Snot's Scoundrels, under the flag Stella Maris of which she is a princess. She is also the loyal owner of Clyde the dog, Radar the rabbit and Babs the rat and faithful protector of the yellow and white painted sloop Well-behaved Blowfish (AKA Ma Sloopie / Pudding boat/ Banana boat) and a yellow and white painted longship (the name of which she has forgotten) that she believes is cursed - namely because all pillages on it seem to be doomed.


Bonniehannah (AKA Bonnie, Hannah or Pudding) has been playing pirates for over four years. Unfortunately, due to a leave of absence her first debut pirate Bonniehannah was deleted and thus, had to be recreated.

Bonnie has served with only three crews during her pirate career; Femme Fatales (a very short tenure), Aqua Angels (until first Bonnie got deleted) and Snot's Scoundrels - the latter of which she has been a part of the longest and is still currently senior officer and first mate to Captain Snotbeard.

Bonnie was also a driving force in the creation of the flag Stella Maris (which she also suggested the name for) and has been a princess of said flag since it's formation. Previously, she was a lady of the flag La Poste De Falcone before Snot's Scoundrels left to create their own flag and before the disbanding of La Poste De Falcone.

Bonnie enjoys Swordfighting, Rigging, Sailing, Blacksmithing and Alchemistry and her in game pets Clyde the dog, Radar the rabbit and Babs the rat and holds a desire to obtain a sea horse familiar - merely so she can name it Mork.

Contributions and achievements

(In no particular order because they were obtained so long ago)

  • Incredible navigator
  • Incredible rigger
  • Incredible sailor
  • Incredible bilger
  • Incredible blacksmith
  • Incredible treasure hauler
  • Received an eye patch in the Napi Peak blockade 4/11/07
  • Expert sailor
  • Expert bilger
  • Seal of sails
  • Senior officer of Snot's Scoundrels (2006-Present)
  • Lady of La Poste De Falcone (disbanded)
  • Princess of Stella Maris (2008-Present)
  • Bonnie is also the creator and (poor) maintainer of the Snot's Scoundrels and Stella Maris websites - though these have fallen into disrepair and are in dire need of updating
  • Bonnie is also the first member of Snot's Scoundrels to have uttered the phrase; "Well hit me with a wet fish and call me Doreen."
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