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Silverspoon is a senior officer of the crew The Eternal Hydrae and a lord of the flag Echidna's Children. He plays mainly on the Hunter Ocean, although he does own the name across all doubloon oceans. He is married (in-game) to Captain Alyhs of The Eternal Hydrae. He is currently on sabbatical, although he is occasionally seen online for major crew and flag events.


Silverspoon originally came up with the crew Ramandu and became a senior officer and a prince within Dawn Treader Voyagers. Silverspoon eventually rose to fill a minor political role within the The Conquest alliance during the height of his pirate career.

However, during his first absence from the game, key members of the flag and crew left to form their own crews and flags. With Dawn Treader Voyagers a skeleton of it's former glory and the fall of the Conquest alliance, Silverspoon decided to distance himself from the former ocean powers.

In late August 2007, Silverspoon left Ramandu to join his virtual wife in the Eternal Hydrae, leaving the Dawn Treader Voyagers by September. He currently fills the role of technical officer and political advisor to Queen Alyhs.

In 2008, Silverspoon declares himself on a sabbatical, removing himself from all political ties and affiliations while waiting for his real life schedule to become more stable.

Silverspoon has an affinity to rags, and despite Alyhs's extreme disapproval, he enjoys collecting them.

Achievements and Historical Timeline

November 2006
  • Promoted to the rank of senior officer.
December 2006
  • Became prince of the flag Dawn Treader Voyagers.
July 2007
  • Marries Alyhs of The Eternal Hydrae (July 8th, 2007).
  • Steps down as prince for personal reasons.
August 2007
  • Leaves DTV and Ramandu for The Eternal Hydrae.
January 2008
  • Declares sabbatical for personal reasons.
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