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Familiars Owned

Saphireangel is a pirate who plays mainly on the Cobalt Ocean. She is currently a senior officer of the crew Mischievous Drifters and lady of the flag Maniacal Menagerie.

She also sails on the Midnight, Hunter, Malachite, Sage and Viridian Oceans.


Saphireangel took her first steps on the Cobalt Ocean in July 2006 after her brother Dragonchamp pestered her for several months to join him in being a pirate. She joined the crew Uncommon Valor of the flag Rising Storm under the leadership of Criptripper.

When her in-game mumsy Aryelxandra a.k.a. Nymeria left the crew, Saphireangel and Dragonchamp both joined Nymeria in Mischievous Drifters. She worked her way up the ranks to senior officer and spends most of her time these days supporting the crew and flag in their many adventures.

Her favourite puzzles are Bilging, Distilling and Duty Navigation.

Contributions and Accomplishments

  • Achieved ultimate in Bilging
  • Achieved ultimate in Sailing
  • Purchased her beloved tan octopus familiar Tora without approaching the poker tables
  • Participated in the Indianapolis 50.0 Race held on 29 - 30 May 2010
  • Awarded a Galene doll and 3 Galene eggs for completing 500 leagues for the Indianapolis 50.0 Race
  • Manages the distillery shoppe Hermes' Hops on Labyrinth Moors
  • Completed memming of the entire Cobalt ocean in September 2011
  • Completed memming of the entire East-side (Midnight) of the Cerulean ocean in January 2013
  • Won a blue Ippolito from Atlantis in March 2013
  • Won a green Krakling from Kraken lair in August 2014
  • Achieved ultimate in Distilling on 28 August 2014
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