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The drop pattern is different for each of the bludgeon types. It's the pattern of colored balls that are sent to an opponent in a rumble as either strikes from the top corners or sprinkles from the bottom. The colors chosen for the bludgeon affect the arrangement of the colors in the pattern, but generally not the pattern itself. An exception to this is mirroring; Grey, Pink, Purple, Navy, Aqua, Lime, Maroon, or Gold first color will reverse the drop pattern, which can be good or bad depending on bludgeon type.

Choosing the best drop pattern

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Much like swords, each bludgeon is balanced for a slightly different style of play. There are a few important things to note when considering a drop pattern: first, some bludgeons send bruises, which are displayed as half bruise, half the color the bruise will reveal. The fish has charged balls in the pattern, which are highlighted. Also, since the pattern is displayed in perfect rows, but the puzzle plays in diagonal rows, the patterns do skew somewhat when appearing in the game.

Strong striking weapons are preferred by more advanced players who will create lots of combos (strike attacks), which appear at the top of an opponent's screen. To determine a bludgeon's strike pattern, view only the top section of the drop pattern, which can vary from four to six rows.

If you prefer to break groups of colors as soon as the option presents itself, without charging first, you will be sending sprinkles to your opponent from the bottom of their screen. With this style of play, base your bludgeon on the bottom two rows of the drop pattern.

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