Release 2004-08-24

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Buggin' out (v1.78)

From the Release Notes:

This release is almost entirely bug fixes.

  • Fixed problem where pirates can still hear the chat in a cluster after they leave it.
  • Fixed erroneous clearing of /mute list when logging off and back on.
  • Fixed problem with bidding in an incomplete fort.
  • Fixed incorrectly reported charge when upgrading a stall that has already pre-paid its taxes.
  • Fixed problem causing an island to become uncolonized when its fort is upgraded to a palace.
  • Fixed display issues in the money column of the shoppe log.
  • Fixed display issues when getting quotes on verbose items in a shoppe.
  • Fixed wagering in brawls.
  • Fixed problem with incorrectly rendering blockade league images.
  • Fixed problem with going aboard a vessel filled with greenies and swabbies.
  • Added the ability for Unix users to specify which browser to use for external web pages. Windows and Mac automatically use the user's preferred browser.
  • The agent interface no longer culls quotes that take a really long time.
  • Banks now transfer ownership when the ownership of an island changes hands.
  • Rack updates are recorded in the shoppe log at the tailor.
  • Flags may no longer rescind war after declaring a blockade.
  • Brawls may now be started even if the initiator's team is down by one pirate.
  • Boats with no pirates aboard now stop dead in the water.
  • The beginnings of our puzzle tutorial system are in place, bilge and sailing have some tutorial information. More to come.