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Reade's Pets

The Stalker
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Big Trunk
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Black Metal
from Radot
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Reade's Trinkets

from Drake
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from Drake
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Quantity: 2
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Reade is a pirate on Hunter Ocean based on the real life, vicious female pirate Reade who would sail the seven seas with her pirate partner Bonney.

Achievements in Hunter Ocean


Reade was a fearsome pirate who joined the game in September 2005 on Viridian Ocean but under a different alias. Here she developed her Swordfighting and sea faring skills. Known as a caring yet brutal pirate, Reade met Drake on a remote island. They shared tales of their escapades, drunk much rum, and found a mutual soothing. Reade made the decision then, to follow Drake wherever he went on his missions for gold.

Greenie Boot camp

May 15th, 2006

With the sudden influx of landlubbers wanting to be pirates Reade took an opportunity to improve those who were green with sea sickness. "Greenie Boot camp" became an ever popular program with new pirates from crews across the ocean joining to learn more. This lasted a mere 4 weeks as;

Disappearing Lovers

June 19th, 2006

An unexpected real life situation had arisen, and Drake and Reade had to sail away until this was solved. Hunters Pride was merged with Kings of Chaos and the pair loaded their ship and set sail.

The Princess’ Return

July 27th, 2006

After 5 weeks at sea, real life business had ended, and a decision to return to her home ocean was taken. Reade returned to her friends, and regained the title of Princess when Drake regained King, as the pair had created the flag from the start.

Clueless Officers

August 26th, 2006

When Drake had taken control of the crew Clueless, Reade found it difficult to leave a setup she had helped build up, with her persistent pillaging and training. However; after several closest friends pledged their loyalty to Drake, Reade realised that by his side is where she belonged. Reade joined Clueless immediately as Senior Officer and retained a place as second to Drake.

End of an Era, Start of a Legacy

August 8th, 2006

Reade was part of the managerial decision over the future of Armada de Invincible and the development of Clueless. Together they would push this crew forward and leave the oceans politics alone, for the time being at least.


  • Pioneer and developer of the short term, but effective, ‘Greenie Bootcamp’
  • Reade is known for her unbiased and logical posts in the official forums