Kings Of Chaos

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This article is about the Viridian crew. For the Sage ocean flag, see Kings of Chaos.
Kings Of Chaos at a Glance
Hunter Ocean
Last Captain Exnoga
Senior Officer(s) Too many to count
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Phantoms
Merged with -Frozen- as of 19 August, 2006

Kings of Chaos was founded on October 22, 2005 originally on Viridian Ocean. Upon the release of the Hunter Ocean, the crew uprooted and moved across.

Public statement

Welcome to Kings Of Chaos

Go Hard Or Go Home!!!

Crew stalls


  • Exnoga's Tailoring Stall
  • Chimira's Weaving Stall
  • Chimira's Ironworking Stall
  • Mrssparrow's Shipbuilding Stall
  • Mrssparrow's Tailoring Stall
  • Zirnitra's Distilling Stall
  • Kellykn's Ironworking Stall
  • Kellykn's Apothecary Stall


  • Chimira's Ironworking Stall

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