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Quintius is a fleet officer and the lookout of the crew The Black Avengers and a prince of the flag White As Sheet on the Midnight Ocean. On the Ice Ocean, he is captain and treasurer of the crew The Frozen Shadows and king of the flag Darkness in Ice.

Quintius is the ex-captain of the following three crews: East Indian Trading Co, Knights of the nine 1 and 2, and The Royal British Navy. He is the ex-monarch of The East Indian Armada and The Midnitic Empire. He was also once a senior officer, founder and first mate of The Colour And The Shape in the flag Blood and Roses.

Contributions, Awards and Accomplishments


Quintius started playing Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates in February of 2007. He is a subscriber and sails on the Midnight Ocean. His favorite activities are carpentry, pillaging and Battle Navigation. He owns two ships currently, but he has had many. He lives on Turtle Island. He is also a commander in the Turtle Island Navy.