The East Indian Armada

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The East Indian Armada at a Glance
Midnight Ocean
Last Monarch Quintius of The Colour And The Shape
Member crew(s) East Indian Trading Co, Pirates of the ocean, bubonic plague
Dormant or disbanded as of 14 August, 2008

The East Indian Armada was a flag on the Midnight Ocean.Its Royals were: Jackeastp




and xpixiex

In the flag and brokgambler, cokedude, divine, and quinghoust were titled members.

This flag was dedicated to "looking forwards"- and for some of the members this statement still stands- Quintius still plays with the crew "The Colour And The Shape", Mertci still plays with "The Champions of despair" and Oldmandave (now Sirkaliam) still plays with "Bubonic plague"- all of which are at least fairly successful crews.

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