Knights of the nine

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Knights of the nine at a Glance
Midnight Ocean
Last Captain Quintius
Senior Officer(s) Underfall
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Nova Scorpius
Founded 12 October, 2007
Dormant or disbanded as of 19 May, 2009
Favicon.png Crew Info

History of the Knights

Long ago when the lands were peaceful the Nine lived easily. but then the greatness had ended and had been next to destruction. The Nine, out of the chaos, sent down a small group of knights to settle the problem, which they did, so another millennium passed in harmony. In the year 2007 on the 10th month the nine could feel the evil stirring again, they gathered the Knights led by Quintius into the heart of whats left of the ancient world, the separated islands of the Midnight Ocean.

The Knights of the nine served under the flag Nova Scorpius.

The ranking Knights were Quintius, the head Knight with the Guardian Knights(So's).

The crew didn't have a set of rules for ranks, you gained your rank with loyalty and being friendly. The more you did to help the crew the more trusted you became.

The crew did not tolerate bad sportsmanship, stealing ships, insults or being agressive.

How we were made

Knights of the nine was origionaly founded when Captain Quintius , former captain of East Indian Trading co and former King of The East Indian Armarda .

The former crew and flag were going so well, but then the King had some computer problems, these problems caused the King to be unable to log on. A month or two on the King finally gets through and logs on, only to find no crew or flag members remain.

A few days later the King left the flag and crew and started again. The Knights were created, and being a better crew than the old crew, Quintius had a breakthrough. It was not long before he was off joining his old Captain Captscorpio 's flag Nova Scorpius .


After it's fine days, the Captain decided to give up the crews independance, and merged with The Scorpion's Sting, with was in fact the Captain's old crew.

At first Quintius wasn't sure about this, but now, when he thinks about it, the crew still exists, now with a mighty other crew with it.

Plans to re-create the crew in future times may be created in the next year...untill then, the crew remains as an united one.


Again under the rule of Quintius the Knights of the Nine have returned, recreated partly because Quintius wanted to help gain more members and fame to his flag Nova Scorpius.

Now with great help from Underfall the Knights have been recreated and this time plan to stay and, with a new plan, will be as strong as ever.