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Picard is senior officer and first mate of Hardcore Sea Ravers and prince of Hardcore Explorers on the Sage Ocean.


Picard was born on the Sage Ocean and founded Starfleet on September 26, 2005. It was the first crew to join Hardcore Explorers after the founding crews. As Sage aged, so did Picard: his hair first greyed and then he went bald. Picard did retire in early October 2006 but then came back on 13th November 2006 - the addiction was just too much for him. He came back as a senior officer in his beloved crew, but has since fulfilled the captain position again.

Around March 2007 Picard and Starfleet moved to the flag Hell's Wrath due to an upset within the flag Hardcore Explorers. While there Picard had the opportunity to have his first turn at admiralling at the Kakraphoon 1 Blockade. Picard and the crew returned to their home flag in May 2007, this brought the opportunity to take a second turn at admiralling for Rounds 2-4 of Bowditch 1.

The move back to Hardcore Explorers brought about some drastic changes in his crew, therefore at the moment Picard is just keeping the crew alive until he can take the time to rebuild and regroup. On July 6, 2007, Picard merged Starfleet with the crew Hardocre Sea Ravers.


  • Senior officer of Hardcore Sea Ravers
  • Prince of Hardcore Explorers
  • Owner of Pause for Thorpe on Blackthorpe Island
  • Former captain of Starfleet
  • Former prince of Hell's Wrath

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