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Omegaking is a pirate on the Meridian, Emerald and Obsidian Oceans. On Meridian, Omegaking is a senior officer and diplomat of the crew Pouncing Piranhas and lord of the flag United We Stand. On Emerald, Omegaking is a fleet officer in the crew The Cap'n Crunches and a member of the flag Spoon Republic.


Omegaking originally spawned on the Hunter Ocean on August 8, 2007. After losing all of his money at the poker tables, he moved to the Viridian Ocean, which later merged with the Malachite Ocean to form Meridian. Omegaking joined the Obsidian Ocean shortly after beta testing began in June 2017. As of July 2019, he is active on Emerald.

Greatest achievements

On Meridian

Renamed ships

Sloop dock.png
  • Furious Piranha
  • Furious Firefish
  • Puzzled Picasso