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Right-facing Estate Agent (upgraded) on
Tigerleaf Mountain (Onyx Archipelago)
Meridian Ocean
Owner Remorse
Manager(s) Hurtboss
Erected October 2005

Bobcat is the estate agent on Tigerleaf Mountain on the Meridian Ocean.

Prior to the ocean merge in early 2012, the building was located on the Viridian Ocean. Originally named Sticks and Stones, it was constructed in October 2005, and was upgraded in the November of that same year. During its time on Viridian, the building was also formerly known as Officer Dibbles Developments. Former owners of this building during its time on the Viridian Ocean include Kagan, Guantanamo, Monlizzy, Qvintvs and Copacabana.

Following the ocean merge in early 2012, the building was moved to the newly-formed Meridian Ocean, where it is currently owned by Remorse.

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