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Familiars Won
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Flag Title

Icon monarch.png King


A bit of history

Kagan is the captain and founder of the crew Squid Squad.He is also the king and founder of Sea Wrath. He's married to Msrambonette.

He created Squid Squad the 22th June 2006 with fellow key pirates Lojo and Nealzy and made Sea Wrath the 7th July 2007. He is the former captain of Loco Diablo. (First crew, flying under Vanguard's flag.) Former captain of Dark Revenge when it was under La Dolce Vita. Founder and former captain of Green - Color of hope, retirement crew. Former prince of La Dolce Vita.

Squid Squad era

Squid Squad, created on the 22th june 06, was at first part of the flag la Dolce Vita when it was governed by queen Millie. After she decided to step out or monarchy, she left her place to Jothic. Under his reign, trouble started with the royals, Kagan wanted more involvement from them and better politics. Because of all that, Kagan and Msrambonette decided that it was time for Squid Squad to fly on its own...and thus, on the 7th july, Squid Squad left La Dolce Vita and Sea Wrath was created.

Contributions, Awards and Accomplishments

Viridian Ocean

  • Captain and founder of Squid Squad
  • King and founder of the flag Sea Wrath
  • Governor of Raven's Roost
  • Former governor of Labyrinth Moors
  • Former captain of the crew Loco Diablo
  • Former captain of the crew Dark Revenge
  • Former captain of the crew Green - Color of hope
  • Former prince of La Dolce Vita
  • Got a tan familiar octopus named Squid
  • Owns 3 shoppes and 2 stalls
  • Manage 3 shoppes and 1 stall
  • Highest ranking in the ultimate list in Gunnery: 4th
  • Highest ranking in the ultimate list in poker: 19th
  • Highest ranking in the ultimate list in Rumble: 9th
  • Highest ranking in the ultimate list in Swordfight: 77th
  • Highest ranking in the ultimate list in Blacksmithing: 30th
  • Highest ranking in the ultimate list in Foraging: 4th
  • Has achieved ultimate standing in Distillery

Shops and Stalls



Brigand King Trinkets


Tournament Trinket


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