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Current Rank
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Flag Title

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Navy Rank

Remorse is the captain of the crew Colloquial Extortion and king of the flag Requisition on the Meridian Ocean. He is also the governor of Terra Island, Tigerleaf Mountain, and Hadrian Island

Shoppes and Governorship

  • Governs Terra Island
  • Governs Tigerleaf Mountain
  • Governs Hadrian Island
  • Owns Woodstock on Terra Island
  • Owns Bobcat on Tigerleaf Mountain
  • Owns Porcelain Throne on Hadrian Island
  • Owns Squatter's Rights on Hadrian Island
  • Owns Imperial Palace on Tigerleaf Mountain
  • Owns Everything Rocks on Terra Island
  • Owns Tigerleaf Trading Post on Tigerleaf Mountain
  • Owns Stonehenge on Terra Island
  • Owns Bricklayers on Hadrian Island
  • Manages Balls in a Bowl on Hadrian Island
  • Manages Chamberpot on Hadrian Island
  • Manages Princess Peach's Palace on Stormy Fell
  • Manages Genghis Khanstruction on Jubilee Island
  • Manages Donkey Tongs on Stormy Fell
  • Manages Changing Winds on Havoc Island
  • Manages Shipping Bricks on Hadrian Island
  • Manages Stormy Seas on Havoc Island
  • Manages El Castillo on Jubilee Island
  • Manages Six Pacman on Stormy Fell

Top Spots on the Ultimate List

Puzzle Meridian
Swordfight 1
Rumble 3
Rigging 27
Weaving 10


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