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Mobettagc sails the Sage Ocean.


Mobettagc started his pirate career on the Sage Ocean in July of 2007. Since then he has risen through the ranks of many crews.

He started out joining Tayo and Hakerz in the crew, The Titans under his fine captain, Shortcake. There he moved up to the position as officer. Here he learned how to run a pillage and all of the basic piracy puzzles. After becoming an officer, he decided to leave The Titans and find more adventure.

He soon joined the crew Impending Insanity under the flag of Good Grief. Here he was an pirate for quite some time and became an officer. He helped and supported in many blockades Good Grief had to offer.

After a while, he decided to join Hakerz in his crew Legend of Doom as one of his head Senior Officers. The crew decided to leave Good Grief and make a new flag, Organized Chaos. Mobettagc was Prince of the flag until they broke up. Legend of Doom has since been renamed to Chaotic Mangos. Chaotic Mangos joined the flag Critical Mass. Here Mobettagc found a lot of nice, friendly pirates.

Mobettagc took a leave of absense for 3 months. Meanwhile, Chaotic Mangos went dormant and then disbanded. He came back full in late December of 2008 and settled down in the crew, Hic Haec Hook where he eventually became a lord of Good Grief. When Good Grief decided to end it's hold on the Sage Ocean, he went dormant for more than a year only logging on to check up on the occasional update.

The week before the Sage Ocean merged with the Hunter Ocean, Mobettagc logged on and regained interest in the game. He created a personal crew, Underground Exploitation, and began to strengthen his skills.


  • Officer of the crew The Titans
  • Officer of the crew Impending Insanity
  • Senior officer of the crew Legend of Doom
  • Prince of the flag Organized Chaos
  • Senior officer of the crew Chaotic Mangos
  • Senior officer and captain of the crew Hic Haec Hook
  • Lord of the flag Good Grief
  • Proud owner of a serpent familiar
  • Captain and founder of the crew Underground Exploitation
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