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Midnight Hunters
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Prestigious naval medal
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Midnightoel is a pirate on the Hunter Ocean who appears to be dormant.

He was strong at Sailing, Alchemistry and Navigation. Midnightoel was the captain and trader of the crew Midnight Hunters and a member of the flag EAC


Midnightoel likes Sailing, Gunnery, Rumble, Alchemistry, Navigation. and once in a while poker but he dislikes carousing and not earning PoE.


He is also a pirate from the Midnight Ocean since August 2006. After a year, he was drawn to the Hunter Ocean by one of his hearties, Blackcatz, who wanted to give him a sloop and certain things which he doesnt want anymore so Oel went over to Hunter, adding Midnight to his name to remind him where he once was.

But he once have a dispute with Golfgirl whom demoted him to member of flag, so he left Black Flag and joined NO BULLCRAP which treated his crew better than ever before, but the Flag was very quiet so he left the flag once more and joined EAC and hope to have lively and fun flag ...

Midnightoel is now making plans to be famous one day while seeking help from his old mates like Crzyeyes.


Manager of Niffun tailor stall on Aimuari Island

Owner of Midnightoel Iron monger stall on Aimuari Island

Captain of Midnight Hunters

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