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Navy Rank

Golfgirl is the captain of the crew Love is the key and queen of the flag Beyond The Limit on the Hunter Ocean. Golfgirl started her pirate career on the Hunter ocean. She joined many crews till she created on 02-04-2007 The VIP's. This was the begin of her excellent career. She became Queen of Black Flag. In October 2007 she sold her crew and flag to Sholl and moved to her good friend Captemokid. Golfgirl became Princess of the #2 flag on Hunter, March Of The Dead. She blockaded with Captemokid Iocane Island. When Captemokid got banned Golfgirl had still a very good name on Hunter and joined back her old crew The VIP's under command of Sholl. Golfgirl helped Sholl in his war with Castigo X. After Sholl got banned Golfgirl became Queen of The Black Sea for a few days. But another member from Golfgirl's family, Xanover decided to make someone else, who was not yet a member Captain and King because there were to many troubles with the rest of the members because Sholl was banned. The whole lead of The VIP's left (Golfgirl, Andoran, Xanover, Christhebest, Elize, Barbir...). Since then Golfgirl became Captain of many crews.

Golfgirl's ranks

-Captain of The VIP's

-Princess of Black Flag

-Queen of Black Flag

-Princess of March Of The Dead

-Princess of The Black Sea

-Queen of The Black Sea

-Captain of Trust

-Captain of Love is the key

-Lady of Beyond the veil

-Queen of Beyond The Limit

-Ultimate Poker Player on Hunter

-#1 Poker player on Hunter

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