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Masterbratac is an officer and siren in the crew -Frozen- on the Hunter Ocean. He can usually be found carpenting on a ship somewhere or continuing his quest to memorize the ocean. He can also occasionally be spotted on Sage.


Masterbratac started playing in the summer of 2006, and quickly found his way into a crew: Dark Hunters of the now-defunct flag Castigo Final.

After an ennui-induced break, Masterbratac returned to the ocean, and moved to -Frozen-, under the flag Razorblade Romance (currently of Access Denied). Thanks to a few productive pillages, he soon saved up enough PoE to purchase his own sloop, the Moral Piranha. Masterbratac has no idea how exactly a piranha can be moral. He later purchased a second sloop, the Flexible Gar. He is currently saving to buy more ships.

Further Information

Miscellaneous information about Masterbratac can be found here.

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