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Massacre is an independent pirate on the Hunter Ocean.


When Massacre first joined the ocean he found himself swabbing the decks for the crew The Fatal Darkness, which was captained by Log, where he gained valuable experience. Shortly afterwards, during a pillage with Kratos he joined the crew Ocean Raiders It took several weeks before reaching pirate rank.

During a drinking session at the inn, Massacre was promoted to officer by Captainsalty. It took only a short time to reach senior officer rank but this was achieved due to persistant hard work and successful pillaging.

Once Ocean Raider's joined The Rogues of the World under the monarch of Calicojack, Massacre spent time moving from crew to crew, but eventually returned to Ocean Raiders.

Upon the merger of Ocean Raiders and Rebellious Soldiers, Massacre felt it was time to leave, and moved onto being a privateer.

After several pillages, Massacre joined up with Kings Of Chaos captained temporarily by Drake while Exnoga was on Holiday.

Massacre left Kings of Chaos shortly after he acquired two personal ships, and spent some considerable time away from the game, before returning as captain of Unnamed. Shortly after, Massacre raised the colours of Senza Nome.

Massacre disappeared from public view for a while, before returning. He had lost his crew and his flag, but not all was lost. Still with his first ever ship, the sloop, Disgusting Hagfish, he joined Pride under the command of Killercon, Massacre's long time friend who he introduced to the game. Massacre's story is not over, because by his right hand side is the loyal pig, Massapork. Rumours have been heard of Massacre preparing to make a new crew which has not been named yet.

Hunter Achievements

  • Former officer of Rebellious Soldiers
  • Former senior officer of Oceans Raiders
  • Former officer of Kings Of Chaos
  • Amounted 2 Ships while serving under Kings of Chaos
  • Former officer of Em's Crew
  • Former senior officer of Pride

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