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Calicojack is a pirate on the Hunter Ocean. He is currently captain of the crew Third Degree Burns.



Calicojack moved from Viridian Ocean to Hunter with some of this friends. Shortly afterwards however, the calling of his own flag seemed a more attractive position; after leaving Armada de Invincible, Jack founded Rogues Of The World. After Jack created Picaros Ante Inglaterra, he eventually left the game for a few months, and when he returned he created the crew Mercenaries. After a few weeks of playing, he merged with Karmaghost and his crew Cocytus. Calicojack then quit again, but returned to playing forming the crew Firestorm and becoming king of his flag, Dynamite Dynasty. He was shortly after hacked, and lost his pirates.

Calicojack proceeded to lose interest in the game, and played less and less until December 08 where his enjoyment in the game was increased as a result of the company of players like Enunciation and Drajl. He also plays Cobalt Ocean as Pandryl and Malachite Ocean as Tigger. He mainly plays Swordfighting with a bit of the other puzzles thrown in too.

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