Fortunes by Blood

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Fortunes by Blood at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Captain Omaris
Senior Officer(s) Belka, Crystalline, Freenzy, Ffrulesall, Jewelzthered, Jhazzi
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Blood Dynasty
Founded 11 June, 2007
Last updated on 27 August, 2012
Favicon.png Crew Info
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Art-Xnewscenex-Bloodflag.jpg Fortunes by Blood is a crew that sails the Emerald Ocean. The crew currently flies the flag of Blood Dynasty.


Fortunes by Blood was originally founded on the Sage Ocean by Quelch on 11 June, 2007. The crew quickly chose to sail under the flag of Project Mayhem. However, on the 20th of July 2007 they left their brief stint with Project Mayhem to start their own flag Crimson Tide. After a fun ride to top twenties in flag fame, Crimson Tide was disbanded.

Captblood took the reigns and ran the crew. They helped form the original 4 of the Blood Dynasty and continued to grow srtonger. By May 2009, Omaris had taken over the captaincy. At their peak the crew was ranked Blaggards of Eminent fame.

Public Statement

We're not freaks of nature...we're just freaks! If you mess with us, we'll go Kungfu Panda on you!

We're a fun-loving crew looking for hardworking pirates to pillage the high seas with.

First of course, have fun and remember this is JUST A GAME. If you out rank someone or not, just always try to respect the other person. We are a pillaging crew and we have no problem with people playing other games, but if all you do is play poker, or any other card game all the time, please don't join our crew. We're all here to have fun and make a lot of booty :)

Mission Statement

Small but powerful, pound for pound one of the toughest crews on Sage ocean. Now aligned with the best flags on Sage, we are ready to shake things up a bit.

Crew Articles

  1. Only FO rank or above is allowed to engage a PVP battle.
  2. All new officers will be taught to pillage.
  3. When using a crew boat leave 50% extra money after restock.
  4. Never abandon a ship at sea.

Promotion Requirements

  • Cabin person: Punishment. Not necessary unless you're a horrible person, which, if you are, you shouldn't join our crew.
  • Pirate: Automatic when you join the crew.
  • Officer: Broad/Respected in gunning, sailing, bilge, and carpentry. All new officers must talk to any FO, SO, or Captain before they get rank so you can learn how to run a pillage. (If you get these stats we will know you are serious about playing.)
  • Fleet officer: These are pillaging officers. These officers will conduct pillages and help train new pirates to do the duty puzzles. Rankwise: Solid/Master in the piracy puzzles (SF, Rumble, DNav, and TH excluded).
  • Senior officer: These people are online alot and know how I run the crew. They over see the day-to-day operations of the crew. No specific rankings are required, though loyalty, hardwork, and trust are a must.

We are a hard working crew. I expect people to work and progress through the ranks. We are a team here, so if you need anything, just ask, and if you can provide something for someone in need, try to do so.