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When NPPs are challenged to a Swordfight, Rumble or Drinking match, they may say one of the following things:

  • This island is so peaceful, I would hate to ever leave. (20)
  • Har! (20)
  • Swill works, but the fine rum lasts longer. (20)
  • Did you hear the cannon shots last night? (10)
  • This island makes the best rum! I swear it! (12)
  • Four years of mime college... and this is the only job I can find? (1)
  • Go ahead, just ignore me, I don't mind... (2)
  • I think I left the bathtub running. (2)
  • Have you ever seen a Kraken? (2)
  • Arrr matey, beware the black ship! (3)
  • Hushed voices speak of an old man that lives alone on an island near here... (2)
  • They say that there was once a master swordsman who lived on this island, but that he disappeared one night. (2)
  • The most important thing you should learn is to never believe anything said by pirates with white names. (1)

Numbers in bold brackets (20) indicate the probability of that phrase being said, out of 97. So (1) indicates that it is seen about 1/97th of the time.

Please note that different pirates may hear different things said by the same NPP.

Aboard a ship

While at sea, NPPs (or Swabbies as they are called) may say phrase such as the following:

  • Reporting for duty!
  • Ahh, the fresh sea air...

When swabbies are fired, they will say, "Arr, a fine day's work." in either a tell or to the vessel. When swabbies are ordered to a duty station (Sailing, Rigging, Carpentry, Patching, Bilging, Gunnery, or Navigation) they will say in a /tell, "Aye-aye." or "Arr, I be busy right now." If there is no open station of the kind, they will say, "I couldn't find an open <replace with station to where they were ordered> duty station." If a swabbie is challenged to a puzzle while they are switching duty stations they will say, "Arr, I'm working!" Attempting to order a swabbie after being demoted will result in the tell, "You're not an officer, so don't order me around".

Historical note

Before the implementation of the Cobalt and Viridian oceans, a reference was made about an old man who lived on Oyster Island. It is unknown when this was removed, however it is reasonable to believe that it was removed around that time.

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