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Contributed in-game art by Kit

Kit is a pirate that mostly sails the Midnight Ocean. He is a senior officer in the crew Forbidden Dreams and member of the flag Folie Circulaire.


Arriving on the shores of Winter back in February 2004 as Kitwarrior, he spent his early years with the crew Children of the Damned of the flag Rogues' Pact. Kit followed soon afterwards on the shores of Hephaestus' Forge. Commanding a ship during battle, running supplies for a shoppe or stall, providing officer training, and creating pirate art are all things he enjoys most.


  • Kit's Art Shop : Thread in the Puzzle Pirates Forums (no longer taking orders).

Artistic Achievements

Closest Hearties


  • Kit on Cobalt: Captain of The White Glove, Kit sailed with his hearties Marialuz and Benitodesoto.
  • Kitwhisker on Viridian: Fleet officer in the crew Duplo, Kitwhisker sailed with his friends Hollia, Benitodesoto, Bluetoes, Luciole, Hotbarnacle, Rix, Bilgeratty, Lokiwho, and many other much missed mates.
  • Kitwarrior on Midnight: The original one and only.
  • Kitwhisker on Midnight: Whisking with Whisker’s whisking whiskers!