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Kas (or Ksmfg) is a pirate who plays in every ocean, excepting Indigo, but plays the most in the Viridian and Ice Oceans. Kas washed off the shores on January 11, 2005, after seeing the game on Miniclip.com. He can be found on Hunter and Ice as Kas, Ksmfg in Midnight, Cobalt, Viridian, and Sage, although his main Sage pirate is Adrastus.



Kas started playing on Midnight ocean, but when his free trial expired, he kept on creating more pirates, until Limeysmum showed him Viridian Ocean, in which he played for what he bought. Seeing the concept as very interesting, he decided to stay there permanently, and still plays there. When Sage Ocean opened, he considered adopting it as his new main ocean, but decided that playing mainly in a new ocean wouldn't be much fun, and therefore stayed on Viridian. Later, after the opening of Hunter Ocean, he decided to play half-time there, but still more on Viridian. After he bought doubloons, and subscribed in his account, he moved over to Ice Ocean, which is, likely, his main ocean.


(All are Spanish names.)

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