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Blood Rose (Viridian)

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For other uses of the term, see Blood Rose.
Blood Rose at a Glance
Viridian Ocean
Last Monarch Redbrdterry (Left Flag, joined Mermaid's Typhoon; Prince of Puzzleholics Anonymous) of Redbrds Raiders
Member crew(s) Crusaders, Deadly Masquerade, Diablo Rose, The Harley blood runners, The Mythic Tide, Redbrds Raiders, Wolves of the Viridian
Founded 22 July, 2005
Disbanded as of 5 December, 2005

Blood Rose was a flag on the retired Viridian Ocean. This flag has been disbanded.


Blood Rose was created July 22, 2005 and disbanded December 5, 2005 following a blockade attempt in which they sunk more than twenty war brigs and war frigates.

Blood Rose was a flag of small crews designed for peace, prosperity and pillaging. The flag grew with the eventual goal of taking an island to call its home. Blood Rose planned not ally with bigger flags, as they did not want to fight a war on behalf of another flag.

Redbrdterry was the king of Blood Rose. Initially, he learned under Cptsparow of The Crows, who taught him how difficult it was to be a captain. When he was ready to move on, and armed with that knowledge, Redbrdterry eventually left and formed Redbrds Raiders. With his new flag, Redbrd's goal was to change Viridian by creating a flag of crews that don't like war, but rather aim to create peace - a flag that wanted to pillage, make money, and have fun. He called that flag Blood Rose. His eventual goal was to lead the flags to become one under an oceanwide alliance of peace and prosperity, with no wars.

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