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Kappn is an officer of the crew Dogs of War. He sails the Viridian Ocean under the flag Cry Havoc of which he is a member.

He lives in a shack on Napi Peak.


Kappn can't really remember when he started playing Puzzle Pirates, but he knows he's been playing for roughly 2 years. He started playing Puzzle Pirates when his friend, Jonnynine showed him the game. At first he thought that it was just another lame Internet game, but after about 20 minutes of playing on his old pirate (Upzone), he started to like it.

He started playing more often and had even persuaded some friends to sign up with Jonnynine and him. After he had been playing for about 3 weeks, he decided that he wanted a pirate that didn't have a stupid name. He decided to make Kappn (which he got from the game "Animal Crossing" for the GameCube).

After playing for about a month or so, Kappn met Jennyss. She and Jonnynine taught him almost everything he knows about Puzzle Pirates. During that time, he had joined Jonnynine's new crew. A short time after that, Jonnynine merged his crew with Jennyss's crew (Rolling Angels). Kappn was made a senior officer and first mate. The portrait "The Great Kappn" in his gallery has all his stats and such while he was in that crew.

Another year and a bit later, Kappn made his own crew, Satan's Army. He pillaged often on his first ship, the sloop Plain Sailfish until his crew rank went up. He and his crew joined several flags and eventually made his own flag, Viridian Embassy. From then on, he worked on his flag with Jonnynine, Kingknight (a senior officer in Satan's Army), and several others.

Kappn promoted Kingknight to captain of Satan's Army because Kingknight seemed better for the position. Kappn still remained in the crew Satan's Army, assisting Kingknight with the crew. Shortly after, Kappn became captain again, after about a month of not playing the game. He and his flag then joined the flag Spartans when they gave up on making the Viridian Embassy better.

After staying in Spartans for a while, Kappn decided that it was time to give up on his crew, and try out different crews. He merged Satan's Army with Hellas, and became a senior officer. Hallas than (for a short time) left Spartans, and joined Vanguard, to help them. Kappn became a member of Vanguard, and was promised the position of prince once Hellas joined Spartans again.

Puzzle Pirates Code

His Puzzle Pirate Code is


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