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Flag Title

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Junerose is a pirate on the Viridian ocean.

Brief History


The Beginning

Junerose began her pirating life when she was swept upon the shores of Dragon's Nest on the fourteenth of May, 2008. With only a shack to call her home and a rat as her only friend, she began to learn the ways of the pirate - pilly and plunderin'.

Her lonely pirating days came to an end shortly after they begun when June stumbled upon the crew Southern Cross. Souwester, it's Captain, kindly welcomed her into the crew and helped her along her journey of learning the ropes of the game. It was in this crew where her closest mates were made. Along with friends such as Souwester, Absenth, Cherokeegrl, and Fretsome, she also found the mates that she calls her 'wayward boyscouts'; such as Malganis, Captnjakstur, and Tigereye. A year after, she met Spells, who became the newest and only female in her little clan of Scouts.

June slowly worked her way up in ranks, going from just a Pirate all the way to fleet officer in Southern Cross. She and her mates all pillied and plundered happily for the next year.

Unfortunately, shortly after meeting Spells, the crew began to show its darker side. June, along with many of her friends, began to conspire to leave Southern Cross. Absenth split and started his own crew, the Black Hounds of Hell. June and her boyscouts shortly followed.

June became a senior officer in Absenth's crew upon arrival, along with being appointed a lady of their new flag, Res Gestae.

Birth of the Scouts

Things were peaceful and fun for a while, before there was a huge misunderstanding between the Hounds' Captain and most of the crew. It was then when Junerose became fed up in the crew, and left. Many of her friends followed suit to her, feeling their loyalties lied with June. It was shortly after when she started her crew, the Wayward Boyscouts - the name chosen because her crewmates, the ones that followed her after her split from the Hounds, was her clan of 'boyscouts.'

Things were shaky between the two crews, but eventually things were cleared up, and the Black Hounds of Hell became no longer when they merged into the Scouts, and the crew adopted the flag of Res Gestae once again.

Since the birth of the crew, the Wayward Boyscouts' fame skyrocketed to the top crews in the Viridian. The crew quickly doubled and then tripled in size and they soon found themselves within the Top 10 Crews in mid July. Junerose met Crossbonz, the King of the flag Saints and Sinners, and they became good friends. June felt that a new flag would greatly benefit her crew, and after speaking to her Officers, they made the move.

Sailing the Winds of Change

However, half a year later after the move to Saints and Sinners, June and the Scouts decided it was time to embark on a whole new path. A path that the Wayward Boyscouts never thought they would ever face: the creation of their very own flag. It took the Scouts weeks to purchase their very own Shipyard Shoppe, and smooth out bumps in the road to creating the ultimate flag. On February 26th, 2010, the Scout's Rebellion as formed.

And the rest... is history. ;D

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