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Interguy is a senior officer of the crew The August Charade and king of the flag Epilogue. He is an avid pillager on the Viridian Ocean and also enjoys blockades. He took a year break from Puzzle Pirates in 2009, but is now active again. Interguy's favorite puzzles include Bilging, Duty Navigation, Battle Navigation, and Shipwrightery.

Timeline of his Puzzle Pirates life

  • Won best incredible in the overall, and Shipwright sections in the "Day Owls" puzzle competition on August 13th, 2010.
  • Bought 9 more eggs from the 2008 series.
  • Won a ribbon from the "Valley Forged" automated tournament.
  • Opened a weavery stall on Garden Cradle
  • Saw the flag Epilogue crumble around him.
  • Bought 3 eggs from his friend and fellow royal, Tips.
  • Traded the karkinos for a golden cat.
  • Received a karkinos from Flinttanis when he quit the game.
  • Collected all the 2010 eggs.
  • Inherited the sloop Famous Salmon from Germo, who got deleted.
  • Started collecting eggs.
  • Sunk the sloop Large Hagfish on a Cursed Isles trip.
  • Won a serpent from a Cursed Isles trip.
  • Promoted to king of the flag Epilogue.
  • Ordered the war frigate Charming Cod.
  • Traded the Funny Wrasse for the sloop Large Hagfish.
  • Opened a shipbuilding stall on Prolix Purlieu.
  • Received the sloop Funny Wrasse from a tournament.
  • Said weavery stall was closed down due to internet failure.
  • Opened a weaving stall on Lima Island.
  • Bought the dhow Short Hagfish from Sheatan.
  • Made Vengeance of Viridian on March 30th, 2007.
  • Bought the sloop Hospitable Hammerhead.

Friends and hearties

When starting back into Puzzle Pirates at the beginning of 2010, he met Lune during a pillage and joined up with him. In the crew, The August Charade Interguy became best friends with Jackeroe who soon became his pillaging buddy and navigation competition.


Interguy started collecting eggs in 2010, and is currently collecting eggs. His current egg collection can be viewed below.

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