Inn the Bank

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Inn the Bank
Left-facing Bank (upgraded) on
Namath Island (Jet Archipelago)
Cerulean Ocean
Owner Capedbaldy
Erected October 2007
Building-Cerulean-Inn the Bank.png

Inn the Bank is owned by Cheshi. It was built in October of 2007. The spelling mistake is intentional.

Why it was built

Namath Island's bank was built while Namath was under the rule of Riot. It was Riot's first island, and they felt they would like to leave their mark on it. Cire paid for the bank himself, and had an OM remove the shell previously located at the same location.

The spelling mistake

The spelling mistake is intentional. In truth, Inn the Bank is an inn disguised as a bank. There used to be one of each carousing table located inside. Later only a poker table. Right now there's no more inn furniture.