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An idle pirate.
A player who has not moved the mouse or typed on the keyboard in a while is considered idle. After around three and a half minutes of idle time, the pirate's activity icon changes to Icon idle.png and a note about the idle time, in minutes, is placed in the output of "/who <Piratename>." After fifteen minutes of idle time, the server closes the connection and the client displays the message, "Ye have been logged off due to inactivity."

Sending a /tell to an idle pirate will return the warning "<Piratename> has been idle for X minutes."


  • Idle pirates on voyages are often identified by the icon above their heads. Since it indicates that a pirate is not working, many officers will issue an order or send a tell to the pirate - sometimes they may even force the pirate to walk the plank. Additionally, it is commonly believed that pirates who have paused their duty puzzles, even momentarily, will display the Zzz icon. This is untrue, unless the pirate has been idle for more than three minutes.
  • The timeout for idle pirates was changed from 10 to 15 minutes with an unknown release.
  • Dark Seas only On 2017-09-17, the timeout for idle pirates was changed to 60 minutes for Dark Seas.

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