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During game-play, a pause is a temporary freeze in game action. To resume a paused game means to return to game action. A pause may be necessary in order to chat or respond to a message or quickly deal with some real-life event.

In different puzzles in YPP, pausing has different effects on one's score. In Distilling and many crafting puzzles, for example, pausing has no effect on your score. However, in Sailing and other ship-board puzzles, the time while paused is similar to performing no actions in the puzzle and is usually deemed lazing about. The message "Lazing About" or "Paused" will appear on the screen, depending on the puzzle.

Pausing is accomplished by pressing the 'P' or 'Esc' keys. 'Esc' is preferred, as 'P' might conceivably be mapped to some action within the puzzle. The game may be resumed by pressing 'Esc' or clicking on the game screen (Note that the click will not "fall through" and register within the puzzle).

Another use for pausing is to chat without abandoning the puzzle. While Swordfighting, the game continues on but you can chat. Players use the pause function in several second bursts to type and then continue.

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